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Satisfyly empowers your decision-making by giving you a more comprehensive view of user behavior and helping you discover opportunities for impactful action.

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Our suite of products gathers qualitative data and integrates it seamlessly into Google Analytics. This unique approach brings you closer to your audience, enriches your understanding, and informs your decisions.

Content Feedback Widget

Capture the voice of your audience through direct feedback. Our Content Feedback tool not only quantifies user reactions but also delves into the 'why' behind the numbers, offering you real insights into how you can improve your content.

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Satisfyly’s Content Insights app ensures you're not just tracking, but truly understanding your content's reach and impact. It enables you to validate your content's purpose through conversion data, and by analyzing search queries, you'll know if you're engaging your target audience effectively. Plus, assess the efficacy of your distribution channels in driving traffic, making complex analytics like GA4 simpler and more actionable, all in a streamlined, user-friendly interface.

Top Task Survey

Identify and prioritize user tasks. The Top Task Survey filters through the noise to spotlight what truly matters to your users. Combined with behavioral data, you can see if users are successfully completing their top task.

Donation Feedback Survey

Nonprofit organizations and charities to gather valuable insights into donors' giving experience, their awareness channels, and their motivation to contribute. It’s not just a feedback collection system, but a powerful tool that reinforces the bond between donors and your organization.

Donation feedback, asking how the user heard about us and what inspired their gift.

If you want a successful website, you need to focus on your users. Measuring true website performance is difficult -- if not downright impossible if you aren't collecting the right information.

"Nobody comes to your website just to look at your homepage or navigate your information architecture. People come because they want to get something done."
Ida Aalen
"The most successful websites, focus on their customers...Customer-centric, customer optimized websites are winning."
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