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Learn how GA4 and the BigQuery integration can help you get even more out of your analytics

The future is Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery

Imagine the potential of unlocking the full power of your data with a comprehensive Google Analytics 4 (GA4) implementation and BigQuery integration. As I highlighted in my blog post, "The Fallacy of Just One Line of JavaScript," having all your data in one place is incredibly valuable.

But, there's more to do to get the most of your data. It's essential to track conversions and the right user activities on your website. Having reviewed and set up hundreds of Google Analytics accounts, I've seen time and time again that proper tracking is often missing. Read on to learn how to make the most of your website analytics to answer crucial questions about your users behavior and drive growth and your mission.

Do you know your website's conversion rate? How about conversion rates for new versus returning users, or micro and macro conversions? Are you measuring the right conversions, and do they align with your top tasks? You need to know if your content is truly performing, and whether there are any hiccups in your conversion funnel.

What about your navigation or that new feature you built? Are visitors using them, and are they contributing to your website's success? Are your calls-to-action (CTAs) effective in driving conversions?

Here's a bonus: Did you know that you can even see what content users are copying to the clipboard on your website? Use this valuable data to craft better CTAs!

My clients have been able to answer these questions and more with a proper GA4 implementation. And with GA4 BigQuery integration, you can unlock even greater insights. Discover the power of Cross-Device Analysis, Path Analysis, Time-Based Aggregations, Custom Calculated Metrics, Data Blending, and User-Level Analysis—all made possible with BigQuery.

Don't settle for a basic GA4 setup. Let me help you unleash the full potential of your data with GA4 and BigQuery integration, empowering you to make more informed decisions and optimize your marketing and product strategies. Embrace the possibilities and transform your analytics journey today!

Learn how we can help you get the most out of your GA4 implementation and see how you website is helping your organization's mission.

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