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How to Measure Content: A Comprehensive Guide

Content measurement is the process of using data and analytics to evaluate the performance of your content. This encompasses everything from page views and engagement rates to more nuanced metrics like user feedback and behavior and content effectiveness in meeting organizational goals

Setting up Conversions and Audiences in GA4

The most important thing you can do to make your GA4 reporting valuable is track conversions on your website. And in order to get even more out of GA4, once you have created your conversions, you need to configure audiences to match these conversions.

The Key to an Effective Website: Top Task Completion

Learn about top tasks, their critical role, and how to identify them using various innovative tools and strategies.

The Shortcomings of Google Analytics

Learn about the shortcomings of GA when it comes to measuring the impact of display ads and other offline marketing campaigns.

Google Surveys are Dead, Get Satisfyly Instead

Embrace the Future: Why Satisfyly is the Superior Alternative to Google Surveys

Measuring Top Task Completion with a Segment Overlap Report

Follow these steps to create a new Explore report in GA4 using the Segment Overlap technique.

Influencers of Satisfyly

Satisfyly was inspired by a number of writers and digital influencers. Learn about the people who influenced me the most. 

The fallacy of just one line of JavaScript

It's a common joke in the analytics industry that you can collect all your data with just one line of JavaScript. Learn why customizing your GA4 implementation is the best way to collect the right data.

Content isn't free

The average piece of content costs over $3,000 to produce. Content isn't free and you shouldn't treat it as such.

How to check if Google Tag Manager is installed on your website.

Follow these instructions to check if Google Tag Manager (GTM) is installed on your website.

How to Create a GTM Account

Learn how to create a Google Tag Manager account and install it on your site.

Why content feedback is important

Content feedback is important because it helps to ensure that the content is effective and useful for its intended audience. By soliciting and receiving feedback on content, creators can gain valuable insights into how their content is perceived and received by others, and can use this information to make improvements and adjustments as needed.

What is Google Tag Manager and why you need it

Google Tag Manager, also known as GTM, is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily add tracking and marketing tags to your website. We use it to pass feedback data into your Google Analytics account.

Why Your Design Process Should Start with Content

Learn about 'Content First Design' - a design strategy that prioritizes the creation and refinement of content before diving into the design process.

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