Is your content working?

Does it help and satisfy your users?

Does it help your organization advance its mission?

Effective content meets your users' needs and your organizational goals. We invented Satisfyly to give you the data you need to create effective content.

Satisfyly feedback widgets can help you...

Get honest feedback if your content is meeting your user needs

The two most important questions you can ask your users are:

  • Was this content helpful?
  • How can we improve it?

Understand what your users are trying to achieve

Survey tools enable you to understand exactly what your users are trying to get done. These activities are also known as top tasks.

See all your data in Google Analytics

Satisfyly works in two ways. One, you can collect all your data directly in Google Analytics. Two, feedback data, particularly top task feedback can inform what conversions you track in Google Analytics. This allows you to see if users are successful in completing their goals.

Collect the information you need to improve your website

The days of needing developer resources to collect and compile this information are over. Now, with the advent of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and the custom dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics, you can take control. You can gather this data and view it side by side with your other Google Analytics 4 data, making your data analysis more streamlined and efficient.

Collect page level feedback
Find out if your content is helping people and get real feedback on how you can improve your pages.
Browse feedback templates
Learn about your visitors' needs
Survey your users to identify top tasks and find out what your website visitors are trying to accomplish.
Browse user task surveys
Collect data in Google Analytics
Pass data into Google Analytics (GA4) so you can see your content's performance in one place.
Integrate with GA

If you want a successful website, you need to focus on your content. Measuring content performance is difficult -- if not downright impossible if you aren't collecting the right information.

"Nobody comes to your website just to look at your homepage or navigate your information architecture. People come because they want to get something done."
Ida Aalen
"The most successful websites, focus on their customers...Customer-centric, customer optimized websites are winning."
Conversion Rate Experts

Get the data you need to start creating the most effective and satisfying content.

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