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Example of a donation feedback widget which collects how the user heard about you and what inspired giving.

This user-friendly donation feedback widget designed to help you make your donors' experiences count! This engaging tool allows non-profit organizations and charities to gather valuable insights into donors' giving experience, their awareness channels, and their inspiring motives to contribute.

This widget is not just a feedback collection system, but a powerful tool that reinforces the bond between donors and your organization, by making their voices heard and their experiences valued.


  1. Experience Rating: offers a straightforward, intuitive interface for donors to rate their giving experience. Using a star-based rating system, donors can quickly and easily express their satisfaction level. This feedback can help your organization understand the areas that shine and where improvement is needed.
  2. Discovery Source: Find out how your donors first heard about your cause through a simple yet insightful question. Whether it was through social media, word of mouth, or a promotional event, the donation feedback survey allows you to identify which awareness channels are most effective.
  3. Inspiration Behind Giving: Uncover the heartwarming stories and motivations that inspire your donors to give. This feature can offer valuable insights into the emotional connection donors have with your cause, aiding you in creating more compelling, personalized donor engagement strategies.
  4. User-friendly Design: Our widget is designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Its clean, intuitive layout ensures donors can provide their feedback effortlessly after they have completed their donation.
  5. Data Analysis: Donation feedback data is collected in Google Analytics alongside your other Google Analytics data. This allows you to see how donor responses corelate against ecommerce data and  can help you to quickly identify trends and patterns that can drive future fundraising strategies.

By implementing this donation feedback widget, your organization will be in a stronger position to enhance the donor journey, optimize fundraising efforts, and deepen connections with your supporters. Make each donation count – not only for your cause but for the stories and experiences of your valued donors.

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