Good, Neutral, Poor Content Feedback

Example of widget to rate content good, neutral or poor

Elevate your website's user experience by collecting valuable insights directly from your visitors. This easy-to-integrate popup invites users to rate your content good, neutral or poor once they've engaged with the page.

Enhance your understanding of your content's performance with GA4's custom dimensions. Our team will configure custom dimensions in your GA4 account to collect content ratings as good, neutral, or poor. This provides you with a clear overview of the satisfaction levels for each piece of content, while also collecting deeper insights from any additional feedback submitted by users -- all integrated into GA4.

For optimal performance, we recommend the following settings:

  1. Display the smiley face feedback widget on content pages, such as blogs, articles, and guides.
  2. Activate the feedback popup after users have scrolled through 50% of the page, ensuring engagement.
  3. Use feedback scores as a metric in Google Analytics for a comprehensive assessment of your content's performance.

With your Satisfyly feedback widget data, you can effectively measure audience satisfaction and make informed decisions to enhance your content strategy.

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